CONTOURING is the make-up technique used to sculpt face features and to give the right balance to volumes, thanks to a game of light and shades.

STROBING is the make-up technique that emphasizes the high points of the face by enhancing them with light reflections.

Pupa creates #READY4SELFIE, a strobing & contouring palette that comes with 4 compact powders to sculpt and illuminate the face. For a make-up that is ready for any kind of selfie!

Does your face have a square shape? This type of face has edgy lines and it develops widthwise. Forehead and jaw are big and cheekbones are prominent.

How do you correct and emphasize a square face? For this face type, the role of contouring and strobing is to give it a greater verticality and to make face features look more gentle.

STEP 1. Use nuance number 4 under the cheekbones, blending down to the jawline and on the sides of forehead with a gentle motion, to make it look less edgy. Create shading along the sides of the chin to make it also look less edgy. If necessary, line the sides of nose, blending up to the eyebrows, to make it look thinner.

STEP 2. Use nuance number 3 around contouring made with nuance number 4 to soften the shading and make it look warmer.

STEP 3. Make the central areas of the face look lighter with shade number 2.

STEP 4. After contouring, apply shade number 1 of the highlighter on the high points of the face – cheeks, bridge of nose, areas above and under the eyebrow arch, Cupid’s bow, chin.

Remember to always use the Slanted Blusher Brush of the Professional Brushes line of products on forehead, cheekbones, cheeks and chin. Use the Blending Brush of the Professional Brushes line of products on bridge and sides of nose, on the areas above and under the eyebrow arch and along Cupid’s bow.

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