Colour, colour, colour! Do you know about the new Pupa Milano

Lasting Color Extreme? This nail polish, with full and intense colour, has been developed together with Extreme Primer and Extreme Top Coat as a real innovative system in 3 simple steps: Primer – Colour – Top Coat, which ensures an ultra-shiny and extremely long-lasting finish. We have gathered all the queries from Pupa staff and the answers to all the most common questions about applying this totally new product.

Do you need to prepare your nails before applying the polish?

First of all, you need to take care of your cuticles, pushing them up and removing them with the appropriate tool. It is also important to adjust and define the length of the nail using a file. Finally, before applying the nail polish, it is a good idea to wash your hands and nails with a cleanser and rinse.

Nail tip #1: don’t use any hand cream before applying the products.

How does the three-phase system work?

Apply the system onto perfectly clean hands and nails.

Step 1: apply a thin layer of Extreme Primer to make Lasting Color Extreme last longer and leave it to air dry for a minute.

Step 2: apply a thin layer of Lasting Color Extreme and leave it to air dry for 2 minutes. Apply a second thin layer of colour and leave it to air dry for 3 minutes.

Step 3: apply Extreme Top Coat (after waiting for Lasting Color Extreme to dry) all over your nail, to increase its shine and make the polish last longer. Leave it to air dry for 3 minutes.

Nail tip #2: for every application step (primer+colour+topcoat) seal the tip. How? by running the product over the tip of your nail, both along the width and underneath, to make it last longer

How do you dry the Lasting Color Extreme nail polish?

It dries ultra-quickly in the air: no need for a UV/LED lamp. To speed up the drying process you can use the Fast Dry Drops

It is difficult to remove? How does it work?

It can be taken off using any Pupa nail polish remover – the most suitable is the Nail Polish Remover – without wrapping or filing the surface of the nail. How? Apply a small amount of nail polish remover on a cotton pad, place it over the nail, leaving it to work for a minute. Remove the nail polish, moving vertically from the base up to the tip of the nail. Repeat the operation if necessary.

How long does the nail polish last and what influences this?

The result is an average duration of 9 days*, which represents the average obtained in a test performed on a panel of 22 people. There are several subjective aspects related to the nail type that affect how long the polish lasts: physical nail differences such as its flexibility, water content and surface, which may vary in terms of roughness or smoothness. These characteristics can change the subjective response in terms of how many days it lasts and how much the nails chip on the tips. The same nail polish can last for a different amount of time, depending both on the physiological characteristics and on the mechanical and physical stresses (gardening, contact with detergents etc..) that the various individuals may have.

*usage test with 22 women.

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