Lipstick personality test: tell me how you shape your lipstick and I’ll tell you all about your personality

It is said that you can learn a lot about a woman’s personality just by taking a look at what’s inside her handbag and the same goes for beauty cases. In particular, have you ever taken a close look at your lipsticks? The shape of the ones you use most, of those that you always carry along with you for on the go touch ups can tell much about  who we are, about our personality, and they are the mirror of our inner self.

It is known as lipstick psychology and it seems to be more reliable than a chat to understand people’s personalities. These are the most common profiles:

SHAPE CLOSE TO THE ORIGINAL ONE: the conformist woman

Those who keep the original shape of their lipstick when using it are discreet, organized and pragmatic persons who diligently follow the rules and are not fans of the unexpected.

ROUNDED SHAPE: the altruist woman

The rounded shape reveals a lovable and generous person, always willing to help others and very sweet, capable of altruistic bursts and outstanding intuitions.

SLANTED: the determined woman

This is one of the most common shapes, it’s the mirror of a strong person, who knows how to select friends and solves problems and difficulties with a direct approach. She is confident, if she wants something, she gets it, even if this means doing someone wrong.

CURVED TIP: the creative woman

Enthusiastic, energetic and very talkative, she loves getting all the attention and falls in love easily not only with people but also with ideas, new projects and ideals in which she truly believes.


POINTED BUT ROUNDED: the unconventional woman

She is very likable, she is specialized in breaking the mold. She is a family person, has extravagant and original taste, she is definitely not a fashion victim, but she does have what we could call style.

CONCAVE TOP: the complicated woman

Those who use lipstick giving it a characteristic U shape, certainly have a complex personality. They are curious, adventurous and communicative, they are often hasty and their decisions are often impulsive.

Have you identified the shape of your lipstick? Next time you’ll go out on a girls-only night or when you have the chance to peek into your friend’s bag, take a look at lipsticks, determine their shape and try to interpret the character traits.

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