Basic Beauty Kit. The essential make-up according to Giorgio Forgani

“I often travel by plane, going from one airport to the other, and I have the chance to take a close look at travelling women. I noticed that when the time comes to freshen up their make-up, they take out of their bags beauty cases that are packed with products of all kinds: bronzers, blushes, brushes, illuminators, glosses, mascaras and so on.

This gave me an idea: why don’t we create an ALL IN ONE product to give a fresh glow to face skin? This is how 4SUN All in one was born: 2 different shades of bronzer, 1 blush and 1 illuminator”. Giorgio Forgani

 Now let’s find out which other products are part of the BASIC BEAUTY KIT, created for you to always look your best with a few essential make-up products:  

Luminys Touch

Vamp! Mascara 

4sun All In One

Glossy Lips

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